What If Orange Fail Was Actually a Success? by Eric Peters

Was Donald Trump a Deep State plant, and a Deep State success? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Many aspects of the failed Trump re-election bid are open for debate.

One thing that is not debatable is that Trump allowed hypochondria to be weaponized. The excuses don’t matter.

The fact remains.

And then comes the question: Why would a smart man (giving him his due; Trump is many things but he’s not an imbecile) permit the weaponization of hypochondria? A smart man would see – immediately, easily – the threat; that fear of “the virus” would be used to get people to vote absentee – or rather enable mass unvetted and thus easily fraudulent absentee voting and that would be the means by which his opponents would remove him.

Ergo, why let them?


Some will say: But he filed lawsuits! The courts refused to hear them! True. So? If what we suspect and what OF asserted was true then why didn’t the president – chief law enforcement officer of the nation, who swore an oath to defend the Constitution – not insist that the ballots be vetted and then counted?

Not recounted – after the fact. And without any vetting.

He had both the legal authority and the power to do it. But he did nothing – other than incoherently bloviate and Tweet, encouraging his desperate followers to believe he might actually do something.

To those who say he couldn’t have, I say – he didn’t even try. No announcement before the election that mass absentee voting (contrary to state election laws regarding voting) is problematic and the American people have a right to know who they elected and, accordingly, every ballot submitted prior to election day will be vetted to establish its legitimacy (e.g., that the person exists, is alive and actually did vote, as by signature verification) before it is counted.

But the Left would have keened in outrage! True. So? The Left always keens in outrage. Why didn’t the “brave” and “tough” OF challenge them? The case for making sure the vote is legitimate is inarguable – to reasonable people. As for the rest? Forget them.

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One response to “What If Orange Fail Was Actually a Success? by Eric Peters

  1. “We don’t need a choke artist. Once a choker, always a choker” – Trump

    2016 candidate Trump is dead and buried. Democrats and their pet Republicans have ensured nothing short of an armed counterinsurgency can stop the american communist revolution from consolidating power now.


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