The Mumbly Joe Problem, by The Zman

Biden’s dementia is getting worse, and that may pose a huge problem for the Democrats. From The Zman at

An old expression mothers used to say to their children in the before times was, “Be careful what you wish for.” Getting what you want often comes with unforeseen and undesirable consequences. The logic behind it is that a strong desire for something is a near term thing. You want whatever it is now. The trade-off that comes with that thing you desire, on the other hand, has long term consequences. This is something that the managerial class will be experiencing this year.

The 2016 election became an identity event for the managerial class. The cool belief to hold was that Trump was a rube and his voters were all yesterday men condemned to the dust bin of history. The same people who thought the same thing of Hillary Clinton in 2008 were suddenly sure she was the future. It is the nature of luxury beliefs that they have no intrinsic value. What matters is their moral potency in the moment. In 2008 the cool kids mocked Clinton. In 2016 they loved her.

The traumatizing effect of having those luxury beliefs rejected and mocked by the voting public in the 2016 election transformed opposition to Trump from a luxury belief into a moral imperative. Opposing Trump before the election was like any other fashion statement in that it was confirmatory. The beautiful people were confirming a truth by displaying it to the public. When that was mocked by Trump and the public, opposing Trump became the identity of these people. It was who they are.

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