U.S., EU Sanctions on Russia a Reckless Triumph of Absurdity, by the Strategic Culture Editorial Board

The US and EU are getting high on their own supply of anti-Russian propaganda. From the Strategic Culture Editorial Board at strategic-culture.org:

The cynical, bankrupt basis for sanctioning Russia makes the Western states’ words and actions a reckless provocation.

The United States and European Union this week imposed a new round of sanctions on Russia in a coordinated move. The move is a reckless provocation and was condemned by Moscow as a “hostile act”. It is a further retrograde step towards increasing Cold War-style tensions and the danger of confrontation.

Russia’s foreign ministry excoriated the Western sanctions as “triumph of absurdity over reason”.

Washington and Brussels both invoked the case of opposition figure Alexei Navalny as the basis for the latest strictures. Despite wholly lacking evidence, the U.S. and European allies support his bizarre and frankly incredible claims that he was the victim of a poison-assassination plot ordered by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. That Western stance is in itself highly provocative, effectively elevating a dubious blogger and gadfly figure above the status of head of state. There is also evidence that Navalny’s activities are sponsored by Western governments and that he is an asset for foreign intelligence agencies. His brand of mercurial politics is tainted with obnoxious racist views and xenophobia. Polls show that his following among Russian civilians is no more than two per cent of Russia’s 145 million population.

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