An Open Letter to Law Enforcement Officers, by Freed Radical

Law enforcement officers and military personnel have to ask themselves: do I want to be part of a corrupt system? From Freed Radical at

Portland, Police, Protest, Riot, Demonstration

This article is addressed to law enforcement officers, but will also be of interest to members of the military in their various roles. For the purposes of this article, I’ll just use the broad term, law enforcement, if you will forgive me. I’m not in law enforcement, but I am thankfully the beneficiary of good law enforcement in society, as are our other readers. Obviously, some bad things happened in 2020 in the law enforcement universe, what with all the riots and support of the riots by liberals. Our National Guard was also insulted during the inauguration just recently. My purpose here is to suggest a remedial course of action that has no doubt occurred to you, and I prompt you to explore this option, with your family.

Why a Law Enforcement Career?

I am sure you got into law enforcement for a very good reason. Maybe your family has a history in law enforcement. Or you preemptively joined the good side before the bad side got its hooks into you. Or you took the bait at the local police job fair. Or you wanted to make your mama proud! Lots of good reasons for that career choice.

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