What “Mandates” and Signs Could Not Do . . . by Eric Peters

Eric Peters examines one of the most insidious guilt trips. From Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

My nice older neighbor lady – the one I wrote about a few weeks ago, who finally had enough of being pressured to wear a Facial Burqa by stores and by her friends and stopped doing it and damn the consequences – has given in to the pressure to get jabbed.

As applied by her family.

One of her daughters may end up being responsible for actually killing granny – the exhortation usually directed at the Unburqa’d, who did nothing of the kind – in order to shame them into wearing one.

She exhorted my neighbor, who is also a grandmother, to get the Jab for her sake. Because otherwise she – the daughter – might get the ‘Rona and die, from exposure to her Unburqa’d (and presumably plague-suppurating) mother when she comes to visit her granddaughter  . . .or via the granddaughter, who is attending college and stops in to visit her grandma and might bring home the ‘Rona.

My friend had the resilience to say No to stores and friends when it came to the wearing of the Burqa but the family guilt-tripping wasn’t something she could withstand and so she got the Holy Jab.

Even though it might end up killing her, as it already has more than 1,000 people so far – not counting the people who have suffered other “adverse events,” as they are styled.

This is a woman – in her 70s – who does not fear “the virus.” She has told me that even if it were as dangerous and deadly as advertised – which she knows it isn’t, not being as susceptible to fear as her daughter obviously is – she would never allow it to make her live in cringing fear of it because in that case there’s no longer much point to clinging to life, which becomes a mere fact of biology – like a living corpse hooked up to a machine with a flat brain wave – rather than something worth preserving.

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2 responses to “What “Mandates” and Signs Could Not Do . . . by Eric Peters

  1. Reblogged this on Citizens.


  2. “Killing granny” – inciting emotional blackmail within families. As dirty tricks go what could be lower? But a perfect mirror to the mind set of the manipulators.


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