Doug Casey on Why Finding a Bolthole is More Important Than Ever

For an increasing number of people, expatriating to a foreign land is looking less scary and daunting. From Doug Casey at

Finding a Bolthole

International Man: Today, political risks around the world are growing rapidly.

Aside from acquiring a second passport or residency and diversifying yourself financially, what are the benefits of physically diversifying yourself and where you live?

Doug Casey: Political risks are indeed growing very, very rapidly. The COVID hysteria is international and has greatly amplified political risk everywhere.

By far, the most important reason to diversify remains getting a second passport, or at least legal permanent residency. It’s perverse, but only by becoming the de facto property of another government can you insulate yourself to some degree from the depredations of your home government. It’s a sad testimony to the state of liberty on planet Earth.

There are, however, plenty of advantages besides the political and financial ones to diversifying physically and geographically. The weather and the local culture can only be improved by moving physically to another place. Personally, I prefer mild warm weather to nasty cold weather. Culturally, I wouldn’t want to live in a place like North Korea or Saudi Arabia. Or a war zone. Or a police state.

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