It’s the Debt, Stupid, by Tom Luongo

Debt is going to be the primary and dominant economic factor for many years into the future. From Tom Luongo at

Nearly thirty years ago Bill Clinton won the presidency with four simple words which summed up the failures of Bush the Elder’s administration…

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

In January, Joe Biden took office in the wake of a ‘pandemic’ which devastated the global economy.  And to the best of my ability to parse, Biden believes COVID-19 more dangerous to America than the damage to its economy our response created.

It’s hard to parse anything Biden says because on the best of days he’s mostly incoherent. 

But the divide along partisan lines engendered by COVID-19 are deep. It emboldens him and the Democrats to extend the narrative that COVID is more dangerous than a broken economy for as long as possible, using it to exercise unprecedented power in U.S. history.

Biden has asked for a national mask mandate as a kind of Works Project Administration for the 21st century.  Let’s all come together in fear to beat the virus by destroying what’s left of the middle class and the Constitution. 

Nowhere is that divide more pronounced now than in seeing which states have followed Florida and North Dakota’s lead in refusing to go along with the fear.  In the past week important states like Texas and Missouri have seen their governors lift occupancy restrictions on buildings.

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