“Inflation Is Always A Political Choice”, by Tyler Durden

Governments and their central banks are always and everywhere responsible for inflation. And what drives governments and central banks? Politics. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

As Jim Reid leaves the Deutsche Bank credit desk for the next few weeks (“I’ll be taking holiday and sending the kids to Easter holiday camp and playing golf every day as courses in the UK open on Monday for the first time in 3 months”), his last Friday “chart of the day” covers an especially sensitive topic: inflation.

As Reid writes, “there is clearly a lot of talk about inflation at the moment and a lot of talk about whether the Fed and ECB (amongst others) will meet their respective targets” However, for Reid personally, and a statement we wholeheartedly agree with, “inflation is largely a political choice in the fiat currency world that we’ve been in since 1971” and he explains why:

When you have full control over how much money you can print and spend, rather than the money supply be fixed to Gold, you can always create inflation if the inclination is there regardless of demographics, digitalisation, globalisation or weak growth.”

Appropriately, today’s CoTD shows average inflation for all the 87 economies that DB has data on going back to 1971 when the US (and with it the vast majority of rest of the world) cut ties to gold. What is remarkable, is that no economy has managed to keep average annual inflation below 2% since, with Switzerland (2.1%), Japan (2.3%), and Germany (2.5%) the closest. Only 28 out of 87 managed to keep inflation below 5% over the full period. The US is at 3.8%.

So, as Reid concludes, “inflation is a choice in a fiat money world. The question is whether politicians will choose it or not, advertently or inadvertently.”

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