Nordic Countries Extend Astra Zeneca Vaccine Suspension, While Sputnik V Makes Inroads Elsewhere, by Ron Ridenour

If vaccines become mandatory, I’ll either go to jail or insist on the Russian vaccine, the Sputnik 5. From Ron Ridenour at

A viral pandemic cannot succumb by practicing sinister nationalism, by making Russia or China the bogeymen that we all must fear.

After two weeks of suspended use of AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine due to unusual blood clots and some deaths perhaps linked to the vaccine, Denmark’s health agencies extended suspension for three more weeks. Norway and Sweden, the co-maker with England of AZ, followed suit. Four Norwegians and two Danes have died from cerebral blood clots shortly following vaccination.

Protestors at Astra Zeneca. Creative Commons photo.

At its March 25 news conference, Danish Medicines Agency spokesperson Tanja Erichsen said it was necessary to continue evaluating a possible connection between the vaccine and several dozens of vaccinated persons who developed blood clots with some deaths.

“We maintain that AstraZeneca is safe and effective…[However] it can’t be ruled out that there is a connection between the vaccines and the very rare blood clot cases,” Erichsen stated.

Health Authority Director Soeren Brostroem said, “We are still concerned” about possible links between the vaccine and many serious side effects. He added that although European Medicines Agency (EMA) regulators have cleared the vaccine for use, the Agency is still investigating data. EMA, however, has not recommended any suspension.

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