Pre-emptive “Case” Dissection, by Eric Peters

Case counts for Covid are declining, so they find new mutations for which case counts are supposedly rising and tout those numbers in their fear porn. From Eric Peters at

The people who weaponized hypochondria are bringing back their most effective weapon toward the perpetuation of mass hypochondria:

The Cases! The Cases!

Now, the new “cases”  . . . of the “UK variant,” which have been “detected” in every state (more here).  These are being touted as aggressively as the prior, generic “cases” – probably because there are fewer of those to tout, especially in the case of Texas and Mississippi, where “case” counts having been going down going on a month since the ending of most variants of Sickness Kabuki, including the “mandated” wearing by the healthy of Face Diapers to “stop the spread” of a sickness they haven’t got  . . . ostensibly to salve the fears of weaponized hypochondriacs who dread that they may.  

In fact, to maintain the fear visual – the compliance ritual. Can’t let up on that.

Enter the “UK variant” – and the rising number of “cases” of that.

This will spread to every state. Not sickness but the psychosis thereof. It is meant to maintain Diaper Mania and – more important – Needling Mania. If the “cases” are up, then freedom has to be kept down.

Hence the importance of a pre-emptive strike.

A “case” is only medically significant if it warrants medical attention; i.e., you are sick enough to need a doctor’s help. If you need a cough drop, you’re not a “case.”

Except rhetorically.

Which is just what Pope Fauci XVII and his willing helpers in the press have been engaging in by characterizing any “positive test” – based on hugely iffy tests and absent any symptoms warranting medical attention –  as a “case.”

This is, simply, evil.

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