What’s Better than Militia? by Freed Radical

We anti-government types need to get together for things like potlucks and socials and not just for planning the revolution. From Freed Radical at theburningplatform.com:

In my last installment, I discussed militias and how they will form spontaneously in 3,000 American counties at just the right time. No one knows what that time is, or what the trigger will be, but I told you not now, that now is not the time for widespread organized militias. That just makes for a lot of easy targets. You can read that article for all the details.

To answer, Ok, what then? I offer you an alternative that is really a superset of militia, something that has militia as a component, and that is really much more functional now for preserving our liberty and preparing us to weather the storm the socialists plan. That is, the storm that is intended to destroy liberty, but will rather destroy socialism. This alternative will also set us up for rebuilding America after the socialists have self destructed, which socialists always do when they lack capitalists to feed on. Yes, it’s going to be very ugly, but this is our chance to take back what our citizens have traded for a government check.

That alternative to militia is community. In my local area, groups of people have been meeting in various contexts for many years, forming community. Some are prepper groups, getting prepared for hard times. Some are Christian groups, bolstering their faith and resolve. Yet other groups train and learn new skills along a broad spectrum. And some groups gather to get to know their neighbors. All these groups overlap.

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