Tail Wags the Dog in Ukraine Tensions, by the Strategic Culture Editorial Board

The Russians had the temerity, the unmitigated gall, to locate their country right next to Ukraine, and that makes them responsible for all the tensions there. Joe Biden’s right, they’ll be a price to pay for that. Just like Biden, SLL has no idea what that price will be. From the Strategic Culture Editorial Board at strategic-culture.org:

Russian troops are in Russia. American troops are being positioned over 8,000 kilometers away from U.S. territory on Russia’s doorstep.

The United States, Britain, Germany, and other NATO powers this week urged Russia to “de-escalate” troops in its own territory. Meanwhile, the U.S.-led NATO military alliance amasses forces on Russia’s border, and the Ukrainian Kiev regime openly solicits NATO support in its aggression towards the ethnic Russian population in that country’s eastern Donbas region.

This is what you might call a classic “tail wagging the dog” situation in which reality is back to front. The reality is that Washington and its European allies are responsible for engendering a grave escalation in tensions by indulging the reckless authorities in Kiev. Calling on Moscow to de-escalate is akin to a trespassing burglar admonishing a householder to stop shining a light in his eyes and go back to bed.

In recent weeks the military forces under Kiev’s command have stepped up violations of a shaky ceasefire in the conflict with separatists in Eastern Ukraine (Donbas). The shelling of civilian centers has raised concern that the Kiev authorities are deliberately winding up tensions with Russia by placing the ethnic Russian population in Donbas in danger of an offensive. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his government have failed miserably to implement the 2015 Minsk peace accord which obligates Kiev to grant political autonomy to the Donbas region. The region objected to the NATO-backed coup d’état in 2014 which ousted an elected president and ushered in a new anti-Russia regime.

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4 responses to “Tail Wags the Dog in Ukraine Tensions, by the Strategic Culture Editorial Board

  1. I wonder what would happen if EBT Card System in America had a serious melt down by unknown hackers for a month or longer?

    Given the craziness that happened LAST time BEFORE all this Burn Loot Murder stuff agitating everybody into looting and burning while “Peacefully Protesting”.

    How many US cities would be ablaze? You know systemic Racism and Police Brutality and all that stuff.

    Going to be a HOT Summer I fear. Best lay in more groceries and a way to cook when NOT IF the power grid gets Weird.

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  2. OUR FATHER in heaven THINKS AMERICANS ARE WARMONGERS,you guys better reel in your military,police gangs and government…BEFORE HE DOES IT FOR YOU,and you won’t like the way he does things,HE WIPES countries off the map,THEN SAYS NOW LETS START AGAIN…

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  3. This is because some super rich behind the scenes players, and a ton of politicians from both sides want to get richer with a pipeline.

    Yeah, lets take on Russia at their border. Ask Napoleon and Hitler how that worked out for them.

    Unless some idiot starts lobbing nukes.

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