CIA ‘Woke’ Recruitment Ad Invites Ridicule, but Are Audiences Missing the Bigger Picture? by Robert Bridge

The CIA’s by now infamous “woke” recruitment ad may not be as idiotic as it looks. From Robert Bridge at

The colorful parade of endless ‘identities,’ promoted non-stop by academia, legacy media and social media, poses a direct threat to the safety and sanctity of the nation state.

At first glance, it appears that the U.S. foreign spy agency, much like a number of overzealous corporations, overshot the mark in their latest promotional ad, where nearly every liberal identity is compulsively ticked in an apparent effort to ingratiate itself with the woke crowd. Or, on the other hand, did the clandestine organization reveal its global agenda moving forward?

It’s one thing when a major corporation, like Coca-Cola (transgender), Gillette (toxic masculinity) and United Airlines (critical race theory) panders to the political left with commercials promoting any number of bizarre causes, for here the motivation can be chalked up to the almighty bottom line – and despite the fact that those ads have a strong tendency for alienating their consumer base. But when one of the most powerful intelligence agencies on the planet starts virtue signaling then it’s safe to say something else besides mere profit is at work.

First, for those who didn’t see the ad, it was memorable for all the wrong reasons – self-indulgent, preachy, patronizing and so dripping in wokeness it could have been an acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards.

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