Diaper Report 5/9/21, by Eric Peters

Those who were fixated on masks as both a security blanket and a symbol of compliance have moved on to the vaccine. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

These may soon become Needle Reports.

Diapering is waning, apparently everywhere – even in places where compliance with both “mandates” and social pressure was nearly universal as recently as a month or so ago. Even in places where the signs are still affixed, the enforcement is lacking. I reported recently about being able to enter a Hot Zone of sickness psychosis, the Earth Fare store in Roanoke, VA. This place had been closed for months to the face-showing, who had to face a gantlet of BLOCK LETTER, Soviet-style placards before you even got near the door that faces MUST be effaced to enter.

There was also a Gesundheitshilfer by the door to make sure the RULES were obeyed, too.

All gone now, except for an almost-in-passing sign off to the side of the door – inside the door – asking that faces be effaced. There is no attempt to enforce this.

My correspondents around the country are reporting similar.

It makes me uneasy.

Because it is likely temporary.

Weaponized hypochondria hasn’t been treated. It is merely – probably – that millions of its victims have been Needled. They now feel safe and so show their faces. It’s hard to divine any other reason for this sudden, visible change – unless it is that people have become sick of playing sick. I’d like to think so – but the past year has taught me to have little faith in the average person’s capability to resist the effects of TeeVee (and sail fawn) fear programming.

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