Turnabout? by Eric Peters

There will be unremitting pressure for everyone to get vaccinated, and anything bad that happens will automatically be the unvaccinated’s fault. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

The Undiapered healthy never presented any threat to the Diapered neurotic. You can’t transmit a sickness you haven’t got, after all.

But the now-Undiapered – because “vaccinated” – may prove to be a very real threat to the healthy who want no part of Diapers or “vaccines.”

The first threat may be as phantasmagorical as the “threat” – in the minds of neurotics – of a healthy person showing his face. It is the possibility that the “vaccinated” – placed in air finger quotes to make the point that whatever’s in those needles isn’t a vaccine, as traditionally defined, but rather a symptom suppressor – may have made themselves more susceptible to sickness, in the future.

Some are already getting sick despite having been “vaccinated” against this sickness – which ought to raise questions about what’s in those needles, but never mind.

Like the questions that ought to be raised about the thousands of deaths – so far – of people who allowed themselves to be injected with whatever’s in those needles, including several previously healthy teenagers.

Never mind, again. One cannot persuade the faithful with facts.

Such as the fact that people continue to get sick, after being Needled. Bad enough. But what happens if more of them get sick – and dead – in the months ahead? Not from the Needle, per se. But from other sicknesses they have become more vulnerable to, as as consequence of having been Needled?

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