Who Elected America To Rule the World? by Doug Bandow

There are no limits to the U.S. government’s arrogance. From Doug Bandow at antiwar.com:

One aspect of American exceptionalism is undoubtedly true. American policymakers believe that they have been anointed by heaven to rule the world. Just as God cares if a sparrow falls to earth, U.S. officials believe anything anyone does anywhere on the planet is a matter of Washington’s concern. That is reflected in a foreign policy which essentially has turned the Monroe Doctrine into a global strategy: the US, and only the US, is entitled to intervene everywhere on earth.

Admittedly, the policy is not entirely consistent, with Uncle Sam sometimes implicitly delegating its authority. For instance, Washington cares little if, say, France sends its troops to Francophone Africa. Libya became a military mishmash involving several European and Middle Eastern allies, while Washington stuck with diplomacy. American officials did not object when Saudi Arabia used its military to bolster Bahrain’s minority Sunni monarchy, crushing largely Shia pro-democracy protests; worse, the US actively aided Riyadh’s murderous invasion of Yemen.

However, the US has tried, often at great expense in blood and treasure, to generally keep order and transform societies in Central Asia, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific. Washington’s moralistic arrogance and imperial pretensions often proved breathtaking. Unfortunately, the result has been many costly failures, such as the Iraq invasion.

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2 responses to “Who Elected America To Rule the World? by Doug Bandow

  1. Who elected Democrats God?


  2. Who erected Democrats as God?


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