The Covid scandal, with Tucker Carlson: Part 2 (With a link to Part 1), by Kathy Gyngell

Even if the Covid vaccines were 100 percent safe, which they are assuredly not, the should not be given to everyone, and certainly should not be mandatory. From Kathy Gyngell at


Yesterday we published the first part of Tucker Carlson’s revelatory ‘Where is the conversation about the treatment of Covid-19?’ interview with Dr Peter McCullough on Fox News. 

The second part today focuses on vaccination groupthink and the pressure on people to submit; the medical principles of autonomy and clinical judgement; the risks for groups excluded from the trials including those with Covid antibodies; why other vaccines are not given to pregnant women and, finally, why mandatory vaccination is so unacceptable, especially when too new to weigh the risks and benefits. 

TUCKER CARLSON: I feel like there are two different arguments, maybe on different tracks. I mean, there’s the question of what kind of society you want to live in and what the Bill of Rights guarantees you as an American citizen. I think that’s a very important conversation, we have all the time. But there’s a completely separate conversation about what’s in the best physical interests of the patient, what medicines to give the patient, and that’s in the realm of science. And that should not be influenced by other considerations.

DR PETER McCULLOUGH: Well, it’s in the realm of clinical judgement. And you brought up a great point. Our public health officials make recommendations for a population and they use generalities.

TC:  Right.

P McC: But the next patient in front of me, says, ‘Doctor, I’ve really got a bad allergy to this medicine’, I say, ‘Well, it’s recommended, but you shouldn’t have it.’ The doctor weighs risks and benefits. And no matter what, you know, whether it’s a medicine, a vaccine protocol, it’s our judgement that reigns supreme. And when I was pressured on the NIH guidelines and through some agencies, I talked to some agency officials, they say, Dr McCullough, don’t be too hard on us, look at page eight. And I turn there and it says, ‘Even though these are recommendations, the doctor’s judgement overall has the final word on what happens to the patient.’ I said, ‘Thank you for that paragraph.’ And I’ve used it over and over again. I said, ‘Even though the NIH says don’t treat patients as an outpatient, it says here that I can use my judgement and I am.’

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