Leave Our Kids Alone, by Suzie Halewood

What do any of the politicians and celebrities pimping Covid vaccines for kids know about the risks and dangers of the vaccines? From Suzie Halewood at off-guardian.com:

Softening the electorate up to the prospect of inoculating all children over the age of 12, Secretary of State Control Matt Hancock says he has been ‘closely following the results from the clinical studies from Pfizer showing that the vaccine is safe and effective among children between the ages of 12 and 18’.

While, in the US, Joe Biden appealed to schoolchildren directly to reassure them that the ‘safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine’ which has gone through a ‘rigorous’ and ‘thorough’ review, will prevent them from spreading COVID-19 ‘to their friends, to their siblings, to their parents and to the grandparents’ and encouraging parents to make sure their kids get the shot.

Does a degree in PPE qualify Matt Hancock to indefatigably state the rewards of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine outweigh the risks for children?

Does a Political Science and History degree qualify Biden to state irrefutably that experimental COVID vaccines with no long-term safety data are safe? Could he name a single vaccine ingredient – even with the aid of an auto-cue? Has he even read the FDA report?

Has Prince Harry? Has the Pope?

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2 responses to “Leave Our Kids Alone, by Suzie Halewood

  1. Bill Patterson Jr.

    I do not want my children to be GMO. I’m not sure they should even call these jabs vaccines. I do not want my children to be research. I understand my children have nearly 100% survival rate from the disease. It makes no sense for them to be jabbed.


  2. Couldnt get to link and article.Response is the same.Wake Up humans!!!Not a vacc,which is bad enough itself.Plenty of evidence,data,definitions,explanations for you to know this,derrrr!!Semantics/spin control,manipulating perception and thus behaviour!!!!Death and disability jab/operating system,dehumanizing weapon,mark of the Beast,take your pick!!!!!!pharma ceos already said they and family/friends didnt/wouldnt take any of them.Ex-ceo of Feloncriminal Pfizer,Yeadon said he wont take it,jab is Deadly,dangerous,not Properly tested or Documented to be safe and effective at drastically reducing chances of death or transmission.Scam to make$$$$,depopulation of the dumb and easily manipulated sheep.Learn Real science fromuncorrupted sources.Even other so called valid findings are not able to be Reproduced Most of the tine.Educate yourself!Empower yourself!Know and exercise your human/legal rights.Learn some Mason/illuminati/occult symbolism and practices because They are the enemy.They haypte Humans.Hate Christians.They are trying to Murder the old,disabled,and Children!!They torture,twrrorize,and kill our children theyve taken or had taken.Look at Trumps executive orders.Many early ones deal with human trafficking,victim protection,children protection.Why do you think that is???????Many pharmaco.s have kazharian,s.nist,nazi connections.Meanwhile,look around and SEE theSurveilance lights/cameras,hardware poping up magically overnight!!!!!Videos online from u.k. Have documented this!!!!!!!


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