Cashing Them Out, by Eric Peters

They’re mostly using carrots to get people to vaccinate. The sticks are coming. From Eric Peters at

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There are two problems with the Holy Jab – beyond the risks (including of death) people assume when they receive their Anointing.

The first is that many are not being Anointed – probably because they lack Faith in the new religion of Sickness Abiding and are reluctant to trust pharmaceutical companies with a huge financial interest in Anointing everyone and little, if any interest, in what happens to those Anointed – being immune from responsibility for anything bad that happens as a result of all these Anointings.

Neither of these two extremely pertinent facts are mentioned much by the priests and priestesses of the Sickness Cult, who holy roll their hosannahs that even babies must be Anointed and certainly all children – notwithstanding the also-pertinent fact that almost no children have died of the putative physical sickness that serves as the Christ Child of this strange new religion.

Nor can they “asymptomatically” spread it, either. No one can.

It raises questions about the true intentions of the Anointers – or at least, it ought to.

It has raised them, in the minds of people who never got sick – calling into question the actual (as opposed to hystericized) threat of this sickness. Others did get sick but recovered from it and are now immune to this sickness and for that reason have decided it would be both pointless and unwise to assume the risks of an Anointing – and so elect not to assume them.

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