Covid “Vaccines”: A Faltering Framework, by Dr. Sadaf Gilani

There’s a huge difference between relative and absolute risk reduction and the Covid vaccines have been way oversold on the basis of the former. From Dr. Sadaf Gilani at

On April 20, The Lancet published an analysis on the efficacy of the Covid injections. This analysis supports conclusions made in my earlier analysis. That being: the Covid injections are NOT “95% efficacious”.

Beyond the analysts’ tepid language couched in scientific jargon, the graphic that appears is quite startling.  As is often true, the devil lies in the details, in this case, the difference between relative risk reduction and absolute risk reduction. (For elaboration on these metrics, please see my article linked above).

Relative risk reduction (RRR) and Number Needed to Vaccinate (NNV) for leading Covid “vaccines” (Source: The Lancet)

From the “absolute risk reduction” you can calculate the “Number Needed to Vaccinate” which signifies approximately how many people must be injected to hypothetically benefit just one person. It is a metric every person needs to understand before taking the Covid injection.

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