COVID Origins Report From Lawrence Livermore “Z Division” Concluded In May 2020 Lab Leak ‘Plausible’, by Tyler Durden

Whatever the still unknown truth of where the Covid-19 virus originated, one hypothesis shouldn’t have been promoted and other hypotheses suppressed. From Tyler Durden at

While Anthony Fauci spent much of last year telling the public that COVID-19 couldn’t have possibly come from a Wuhan lab his agency was funding, the Lawrence Livermore Lab’s intelligence arm, known as the “Z-Division,” found the Wuhan lab-leak theory to be quite plausible and deserving of further investigation, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In a classified May 27, 2020 report that the US State Department heavily relied upon its investigation (and which President Biden canceled shortly after taking office), scientific investigators studied the genetic makeup of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in what was “among the first U.S. government efforts to seriously explore the hypothesis that the virus leaked from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology along with the competing hypothesis the pandemic began with human contact with infected animals.”

One person who read the document, which is dated May 27, 2020, said it made a strong case for further inquiry into the possibility the virus seeped out of the lab.

The study also had a major influence on the State Department’s probe into Covid-19’s origins. State Department officials received the study in late October 2020 and asked for more information, according to a timeline by the agency’s arms control and verification bureau, which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The study was important because it came from a respected national laboratory and differed from the dominant view in spring 2020 that the virus almost certainly was first transmitted to humans via an infected animal, a former official involved in the State Department inquiry said. -WSJ

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