Geopolitics — A Pivotal Meeting — It’s All About The Dollar [06-13-2021], by Austrian Peter

This meeting may mark the beginning of the end of the petrodollar and the dollar’s global dominance. From Austrian Peter at

On June 16th, Joe Biden will meet Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland. This is a meeting of great significance. Many people have speculated about what will be discussed. But nobody really knows. There will be much fanfare beforehand and much analysis by the mainstream media afterwards. But most of that will be obfuscation, smoke and mirrors.

Russia is in a strong position. It is becoming more entwined with China via the Belt and Road project. China needs labor and consumer markets and Eurasia will provide those along the route to Western Europe. Russia shares borders and historical ties with many of those countries and is also a major supplier of energy to China, to Eurasia and to Western Europe.

The population of China, India, Eurasia and Europe combined is around 4 Billion people. The US has only 330 Million people. Do the math as they say in Hollywood movies. Recent US unwanted interference in European affairs especially in regard to the Nord Stream Gas project and recent revelations about spying on their European allies has left a bad taste. Joe is struggling to remain relevant.

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