The Test Animals for the ‘Elite’ Controllers and the Political Class: Babies and Children, by Gary D. Barnett

How long will parents have the power to prevent their children from being medical guinea pigs? From Gary D. Barnett at

“At the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but it’s true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a long conversation with a man who occupied a high government position in an African nation. He told me that he was well aware of this. He told me that WHO is a front for these depopulation interests”

Jon Rappoport interview with ex-vaccine Researcher

Domestic terrorism is alive and well in the United States of America, and current plans of the corporate and political classes includes the terrorizing of all babies and children in order to advance the very nefarious current and forthcoming agendas of the ruling class. Those agendas include depopulation through democide, and advancing lifetime technocratic control of the bodies and minds of the young. This is no secret, and is being actively pursued by the current Biden administration as well as most of the rest of the political class of both major parties, and those ‘elite’ masters that control these complicit puppets. Those who disagree with this assessment are simply ignoring reality, and have decided to take sides of one or the other wicked political cartels so that they can claim as an ignorant collective to support their choice of what they falsely believe to be ‘benevolent’ rulers.

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2 responses to “The Test Animals for the ‘Elite’ Controllers and the Political Class: Babies and Children, by Gary D. Barnett

  1. Given that all this is true, and I have every reason to believe it is, I have yet to read, anywhere, of a movement of defiance designed to turn the advancing horde around.. Unbelievably, there are still millions of people who are unaware of any threat other than a (manmade?) bug and the fear inflicted on them by unscrupulous goverments, seeking to gain by their co-operation with the exterminators.
    Where are the heroes???????


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