The Sea Gypsy Tribe – Past and Future, by Ray Jason

Threatened global apocalypses have come and gone. Will the Great Reset be different, will it be more than just a gleam in the eye of its demented designers? From Ray Jason at

It has been nearly a decade since I first started sharing my Sea Gypsy Tribe concept on the World Wide Web. My belief is that ocean-going sailboats are the best survival platform for any catastrophe that might arise. And I am convinced that small groups of like-minded, well-prepared sailors banding together are an excellent option for dealing with disasters. That conviction remains as solid as a light-house.

However, something quite significant has changed during the intervening ten years. The scenarios that deeply concerned me back then have diminished in severity. But these have been replaced by even more frightening dangers.

For example, I once believed that Climate Change was indeed the “existential threat” that is so loudly and incessantly trumpeted from the mainstream press and institutions. However, in 2017, I decided to join some friends in an attempt to sail across the legendary Northwest Passage above the North American continent.

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