Concerns Raised About Election Integrity After Biden Wins 80 Million Votes For NYC Mayor

From The Babylon Bee:

NEW YORK CITY, NY—Some critics are raising concerns over election integrity after early results from the NYC mayoral election showed Biden winning by eighty million votes.

“Yeah, something about that seems… off,” said local man Joseph Joey. “Are we sure all those election people really know what they’re doing, or that they’re not all corrupt and stuff?” The FBI is now investigating Joey after his far, far-right insurrectionist comments questioning the sanctity of America’s holy elections.

According to sources, Biden won the mayoral race after election officials accidentally counted the 80 million Biden ballots they had stashed away in a special secret place reserved for extra Biden ballots. They have apologized for the unfortunate error.

“We are working hard to sort this out, and hope to have this all fixed soon,” said NYC Election Official Tony Palermo. “In the meantime, um, please just try to remember who you voted for—just in case.”

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