U.S. ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Afghanistan… and Other Fantasies, by The Strategic Culture Editorial Board

Biden sounds more deluded about Afghanistan than Bush did about Iraq on the deck of that aircraft carrier. From the Strategic Culture Editorial Board at strategic-culture.org:

Afghanistan is often referred to as the graveyard of empires. But in America’s case, it also dug its own grave.

Joe Biden, the fourth U.S. President to oversee the American war in Afghanistan, announced this week the end of that operation. He claimed with an impossibly straight face, “the United States did what we came to do… get the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11”. Now, it’s time to bring the troops home.

In other words, according to President Biden, after waging a war for 20 years in Central Asia, it is time to hail “mission accomplished”.

Contrary to previous presidential iterations, he said the U.S. did not come to “nation build” and that from now on “it’s up to the Afghans to make decisions about the future of their country.” That almost sounds like the Americans liberated the Afghan nation to choose its destiny – instead of the appalling reality that the country is being abandoned for the giant mess that it has become under Washington’s tutelage.

The truth is the United States is scurrying out of Afghanistan like a rat from a sinking ship. Two decades of war costing trillions of dollars and millions of casualties have destroyed a nation. Another nation in a long list of others destroyed by another criminal American war.

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