In Sickness We Trust, by Eric Peters

Hard as it is to accept, especially among society’s hypochondriacs, some people get sick, and some people die. From Eric Peters at

The possibility that anyone might get sick is now an intolerable prospect to the pathologically sick – the useful idiot hypochondriacs – and the Sickness Lenins who are using these weaponized hypochondriacs to further their interests.

In New South Wales, Australia, police state measures are being reimposed because one 90-year-old woman died. Because the death of one 90-year-old is now regarded as something aberrant and terrifying that can and must be prevented by whatever it takes. Or rather, whatever it takes from those not 90-years-old, whose deaths are not likely to happen for decades because people who are decades away from their 90s tend to live for decades, whereas people in their 90s tend to die, regularly.


Because they’re in their 90s.

‘Rona or no ‘Rona. It tends to happen to people that age..

No one wants granny to die – but if she’s in her 90s, she’s probably going to die. Soon. Because she is very old. Whether you isolate her in a hyperbaric chamber or not. Whether you “lock  down” the rest of the population or not. Whether you “vaccinate” them or not.

The fact – one of many, if they mattered – is that the majority of people who died “from COVID” actually died of old age. Most had already lived a normal life expectancy, which is about 70-something years, depending on the country. Most of the deaths attributed to COVID were of people over the age of 75.

They lived longer than the average life expectancy.

Death isn’t nice, but it’s not unnatural, when you’ve already lived a long time. Old people die. It is what they do. It is the defining attribute of old age. It is why – it was why –  when a person in their 90s – or their 70s – died, no one panicked. But now, it’s the basis for mass panic or rather, mass (worldwide) tyranny, here as well as New South Wales.

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2 responses to “In Sickness We Trust, by Eric Peters

  1. Many of the older so called covd deaths died from improperly treated chrinic diseases and/or malnutrition=weak immunity.Even in the so called good carehomes,the food is crap,lacking most nutrients with extra helpings of salt,sugar,processed carbs.These oldies were probably overprescribed toxic meds as is Common in the U.S.,thus weakening the liver,kidneys,possibly the brain,and immune system.Just got done going through this process with father who had chronic conditions and when given better nutrition,supplements,less meds,exercise and interactions,he did 500x better.Sick of the rampant ageism,like you reach a certain age,which is arbitrary,then someone or someones decide youve lived long enough,we will start pulling the supports out from under you.Therapies get delayed,reduced,cancelled.Dental,vision,hearing exams get delayed or cancelled.People stop helping the oldies do everyday things or learn.G.d help the oldies if theyre at the mercy of strangers from strange lands-c.n.a.s,r.n.s,dr.s from India,whether in-home or at a carehome.covd has never been isolated according to Koch’s Postulates,so What is it and how can there be a variant???Logic,reasoning,standard uncorrupted scientific protocol and transparent data!!! 🙂


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