Nuremburg, Round Two, by Eric Peters

Vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations both would clearly violate the Nuremburg Code, enacted by international agreement after World War II in response to Nazi Germany’s medical depredations. From Eric Peters at

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Some of you who grew up when cartoons were still funny may recall the episode of Bugs Bunny, in which the eponymous wabbit was pursued by a creepy mad scientist bent on using him for experimental purposes.

It’s not so funny now that we are all wabbits – and the mad scientists are on the government payroll or have control over your payroll, if you happen to be unlucky enough to work for a big corporation.

Or are trying to get a college degree.

Virginia Tech, which is in my neck, just announced that it will punish everyone who hasn’t been injected by requiring them to perform the Sickness Kabuki meant to wear them down and get them to accept being injected. Meaning, “masks” – the medicinally idiotic but psychologically effective tool used to make everyone look sick or appear to be obsessed with sickness. Which also is why the injected will be compelled to wear them, as well – so as to keep everyone worn down and also to generate anger toward those who’ve thus far refused to be experimented upon.

It is the Unjabbed who are causing all the trouble, you see.

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