It Is Time for a Serious Discussion About Secession, by Brutus

They’ve done their best since the Civil War to make secession a dirty word, but in dysfunctional America, it’s finding a place at the table of respectable discussion. From Brutus at

The red/blue divide could not be more apparent or visceral, and yet the naivety of the Conservatives/Religious Right is on full display. Once again, they are putting all their marbles in the national election basket, or in a political savior (Trump, DeSantis, Paul, Abbott, etc.). They seem incapable of thinking any other way. Why?

Brutus is the pseudonym I use because Brutus did not confine himself to a status quo box – when he saw trouble, he took out his quill and got busy. I will do the same. 

It is time for many others to do the same as well, to call forth new leaders to take the baton and blaze a trail to a better future instead of chasing the whole (control over all 50 States) and we lose it all. These nationalist leaders can no longer be trusted. We need leaders who see the table below and say, as Bobby Kennedy once was purported to have said: “Some men see things as they are, and say why. I dream of things that never were, and say why not.” Where are the leaders who will pivot from the status quo (national elections and political personalities) and paint a better path forward, a path that will lead back to freedom in some parts of the United States. Where are the leaders who can be mature enough to abandon the all or nothing one-size-fits-all pseudo-solutions and press towards political and cultural homogeneous federations.

The idea of secession has come and it offers a beautiful path forward, where ideological divisions are embraced and valued, rather than ignored, leading to a kind of forced unity under some silly notion of a federal (central) government. We must abandon the immoral idea behind unity by government force and toss it on the trash heap of other failed political ideas.

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