All Doctors Know… by Bionic Mosquito

Medical common sense is being ignored because it conflicts with the Covid propaganda. From Bionic Mosquito at

…that widespread community mask wearing does nothing to reduce or prohibit the spread of a respiratory virus.

…that masks, after being worn, are treated as a hazardous material.

…that masks limit the free intake of oxygen.

…that masks limit the proper exhalation of CO2.

…that those not properly trained in wearing a mask do not wear masks properly or effectively

…that the constant touching of one’s face due to mask wearing introduces more risk than not wearing a mask at all.

…that man has been dealing with corona viruses for all of history…and has survived just fine.

…that viruses mutate.

…that a healthy body is the best defense against serious complications from a viral infection.

…that individuals with multiple co-morbidities are most susceptible to serious complications or even death from any exposure to a respiratory infection.

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One response to “All Doctors Know… by Bionic Mosquito

  1. The marvelous propaganda sell job for the jab has created a cult, no different from the Trump Derangement Syndrome, the flat earth cult, and other similar cuilts.
    “Men think in herds, they go mad in herds, and only regain their sanity slowly, one by one.”
    This insane madness has such a poewerful propaganda push that the world may never recover, and it may never end. Booster shots to infinity.


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