Fight back!

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  1. Yep, show me yours and I’ll show you mine that I don’t have. Lets just be a pain in the ass.

    I had a crazy lady this week yelling at me in the grocery store that I’m killing her unvaccinated kid because I wasn’t wearing a mask. She was frantic. There is no mask mandate at this time. Not that I have ever put one one.


    • Sane,informed decent people need to calmly poinypt crazy in other direction towards truth.Tell ignorant parent that masks are proven by uncorrupted studies to not work,they are meant to calm and control us.Tell her that Youngsters are not generally at risk unless they have asthma or other chrinic serious conditions like diabetes.Refer her to sound science websites or dr.s such as Cahill,Martin,Kauffman,Fleming,Boyle,Coleman,Viliet,Mucullough,Tenpenny.We must remain even more self-restrained,patient,helpful,logical,reasonable to balance the crazy.Remember that besides the various enormous stresses,inflamed brains=crazy=these people may be saturated with spike proteins or general inflammation,kidgloves are needed.
      RE:Fighting Back…Duh!!Where have alk the people been?More shouldve been more vocal and assertive +1year ago.Quickly learn and use law.State Constitution,u.s.Constitution,especially the anticonspiracy law,Article18,code241 which states that it is a Crime when two or more entities intentionally collude to DEPRIVE CITIZENS OF THEIR RIGHTS TO FREE SPEECH,FREE ASSEMBLY,FREEDOM FROM ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE,ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Other laws pertaining to States of Emergency and caselaw show that if the underlying doundation for so called emergency is exaggerated or Fraud to Illegally Seize Power,said govt.officials are traitors and criminals Not upholding or defending The Constitution.They are in breach of contract with rhe Citizens whom they were Hired by to represent.Sue them all!These criminals are also suable for Tort damages based on their Knowingly perpetrating a Fraud.RICO charges,collusion,Govt Sunshine Laws,The Logan Act,The Hatch Act,embezzlement,others are breached/broken.Sue Them All!!Goia,class action,private lawsuits,use commonlaw.Sue them All Watch the,,,,,,,,,,,,, news of world,,,,,,,Freedomtube.c, United!!!! 🙂



    I read yesterday the Pfizer VAXX will be approved by the FDA in the very near future. This will make the above clever and humorous skit moot. There will be no more high ground, room to maneuver, or debate. And, there will be no more fence-sitting.
    Ahab and Jezebel’s puppet masters, along with their 535 useful idiots in Congress will start with their own versions of the Nurnberg Laws. I have to laugh at the Aussies. Let’s have a “Mass Rally”. They really need to look at all of the pitiful souls here in Amerika who held their “Mass Rally” on January 6th. We do not need “Mass Rallies”. We need The Boondock Saints and “Pipe-hittin’ niggers”. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.


    • How does the CDC’s approval, without any of the normal testing, animal or human, make a difference? Fake and gay…Pfizer’s own 6 month trial with 45000 subjects showed no benefit….Nobody has to get vaxxed unless they lack any interest in their own health…


      • CDC has been shown Many times in Detailed cases that it is an arm of the military headed by unscrupulous,pathological lying antihumans.Dig deep into the cdc,its own studies,Ft. Detrick,Draudci,and the cia=evil.Follow the patents,SEC filings,fda applications,and who works for whom?Pharmamob needs to be MASSIVELY CLASS ACTION SUED FOR DECEPTIVE PRACTICES ON AT Least 3 fronts,Fraud,Constitutional Conspiracy,Collusion,RICO laws broken,mailfraud,wirefraud,$laundering,bribery,Genocidal murder and attempted murder,possibly Treason.Frauds start forcing death,maybe fires start at labs,pharmacy,key places.We need more witnesses and whistleblowers to widely and widely disperse real impactful info.Use Common law!! 🙂 We are supposedly under Admiralty Law/Pirate law.Do not see how That can be true since we are not on a ship,not at sea,not lead by a captain,and are not pirates. Do not take wardrum baiting us into contrived war with China,we are their best customers-makes 0 logic sense unless benefitting usualcabal a.holes just like w.w. 1&2. 5/4G saturation maps overlay very tightly with covd cases/deaths,even given all the lies.COVD virus has NEVER BEEN PROPERLY ISOLATED,PURIFIED,SAMPLED,GROWN,UNCORRUPTEDLY VERIFIED,NEVER!!!!!!Let Yhat sink in!covd supplies were sent to states in 2016-Video proof of this was on internet months ago.Many witnesses to this in the health depts. May exist.


    • Baron Munchausen

      Sure there’s an answer to the FDA approval. Fuck their useless rubber stamp. Here’s a short list other drugs approved as “safe” by our vaunted FDA, and why they were later pulled:
      Zantac – cancer
      Vioxx – increased risk of heart attack and stroke
      Accutane – risk of birth defects, miscarriage
      Darvocet – toxic to heart
      Meridia – incr. risk of heart attack and stroke
      Micturin – heart toxicity
      Propulsid – 270 cases of arrythmia, 70 deaths
      Raplon – brochospasms and unexplained deaths
      Raptiva – PML
      Redux – heart toxicity
      Rezulin – liver failure, 63 deaths
      Xigris – no survival benefit
      Nutrogeno/aveno sunscreen – cancer



        Thank you, Baron. I will use this information to spit back at all of the Karens and Beta Male Cucks who are infiltrating my A/O in Winterfell.


  3. No Room For Boat Anchors

    Rwanda x Bosnia x Serbia
    Purge any who aren’t ready for it.


  4. Ohhh…that’ll show those tyrants!!!
    That’s a dumber waste of time than two sodomite faggots fucking, because they’re trying to become parents.
    Invest in a dictionary, I strongly suggest a copy of Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged…..look up ‘fighting’, that ain’t it Cuckservative.


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  6. Hey there brother!

    I hear you there! In my AO the fear induced
    indian “tribal council” just announced with heap big ‘huff um
    and puffum’ that the ‘face diaper frolics’ will be mandatory again
    anywhere on ‘da rez’ including all grocery stores, etc.

    Most people here are going about their day to day without
    such nonsense…will be interesting to see how the tribal chair
    cunt does with being ignored or better yet laughed at.

    As for the Aussie NPC’s/normies..yeah, the mass sheepie
    protest in Adelaide will be utterly successful..just like the false
    flag Jan 6 ‘protest’ and the equally cucked “Payy-t-REEEE-iot
    Rally” in Richmond, VA (same ‘we have to be peaceful,
    respectful and courteous law abiding sheepies – can’t cast
    a bad image!’ Baaaaaaaaahhh!!).

    I don’t have to ask what that accomplished in regard to
    standing up to the parasites that inhabit and control the soon
    to decompose carcass of the ‘Muer’can Empire’..the jewish
    Bankster led bolshevists/zionists continue their lamprey
    feeding on it day after day ..the NPC’s/normies don’t
    notice or complain in the least…

    Hope the Aussies that show up in Adelaide will enjoy
    how their own badged orcs and orcettes treat them to
    their complimentary beatdown before throwing them
    into their own paid for new gulag in Victoria.

    It’ll happen because there AREN’T any pipe hitting
    niggers among them…not a single one of them is willing
    to ‘go gangsta’..if any try, they’ll be immediately fingered
    by the rest of the hu-lemmings present.

    Count on it.

    And that boys and girls, is why we can’t have
    nice things here in ‘Mue’rica’..

    Unless we ALL become pipe hitters.

    Prognosticating Pollyanna’s such as Sarah
    Hoyt and Jim Brovard and related company need
    not apply…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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  7. Like Dweezil and Northgunner, I too, am painfully aware that the time for speeches, rallies, and sign carrying are long gone. Our communist overseers just smile when they see that stuff, because they’ve done it themselves for years, to get on the TV and recruit. They can do direct action now, laws and Constitutions be damned, along with the bleaters. You play nice with the commies and you get one in the back of the head, and a mass grave. You’ll see that happen before you’re able to think it possible, and a lot of the responsibility will rest on our fellow citizens. Behind the wrong side of the barbed wire is way too late to become outraged, and ready to fight. By then, you’re just toast. Think fighting now! They DO intend to kill us. Accept your own death. Once you do, the only choices are honor, or dishonor.

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