Is There a Doctor In the House? by an Anonymous Health Care Professional

The front-line observations of a retired health care profession don’t make for comforting reading. From an anonymous health care profession at (h/t Lee Harvey Griswald):

I retired from the healthcare field after 26 years. I was an infection control & surveillance instructor and worked with foreign health ministries, hospitals, doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, plant and mechanical engineers, and risk management departments. I’ve worked in field hospitals to the largest medical institutions in the world in 15+ countries. At the end of the day, I was a glorified janitor, but during my career I witnessed the Man Behind the Curtain and boy it ain’t pretty.

A few observations about our current state of US medical care, guidance we are being fed, and the pandemic:

1. Just because you have a Dr. In front of your name doesn’t mean you know everything even though you might believe otherwise. Doctors today are little more than union employees thanks to the Affordable Care Act and Medicare/Medicaid. It’s all about Group Think, and you either comply with the program or you’re cancelled and lose your career.

2. Today, the half-life of medical knowledge is less than two years. Most anything your doctor tells you is probably wrong or soon will be.

3. Not every medical solution comes from a pharmacy and a hospital. We like to believe the US has the best medical care and on many levels it does, but it is amazing the scotch tape and kite string medical innovation that happens in the most impoverished corners of the world.

4. US Hospitals are little more than Risk Management organizations. It’s no longer about Quality of Care, but managing risks and profits. Hospital CEO’s are bean counters focused on managing costs and liability and not on improving patient care.

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