No Joke: Late-Night Talk Shows Are a Powerful Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party, by Robert Bridge

Not only are the late-night talk shows propaganda, they’re boring, a powerful argument for going to bed early. From Robert Bridge at

If you really must watch late night political talk shows, at least prerecord them for viewing in the morning after a strong coffee.

Following Joe Biden’s hotly disputed announcement for mandatory vaccinations, a decision that may affect up to 100 million Americans, late night TV hosts proved, once again, where their loyalties lie as they went to bat for the Democratic leader, sugarcoating the shocking news with predictably stale jokes and gross attacks on conservatives and, of course, Donald Trump.

While the mainstream ‘legacy’ media is regularly singled out for right-wing criticism over its slavish devotion to liberal ideology, people tend to overlook the powerful influence of the talk show circuit, which lulls America to sleep each night with their highly predictable monologues and one-sided laugh tracks.

In an industry packed with a suspiciously disproportionate ensemble of privileged white males – consisting of Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, Bill Maher, John Oliver and James Corden, among others –the Democratic Party has found a powerful and devoted ally. And as the Biden administration announced its mandatory vaccine policy, which must rank as one of the most critical news stories in recent years, here was a great opportunity to see just how biased these late night hosts really are. Plot spoiler: extremely.

First, despite the importance of the vaccine story, almost none of the hosts mentioned that news at the beginning of their monologues, preferring to bury it under a mountain of comedic nonsense instead.

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One response to “No Joke: Late-Night Talk Shows Are a Powerful Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party, by Robert Bridge

  1. I use to watch late night talk shows because they ere funny and entertaining, now they are just so much BS and manure, especially the tonight show and the others aren’t far behind it


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