Peak Gaslighting: Impenitent Profiteer Albert Bourla of Pfizer Makes the Most Ludicrous Claim Yet, by Vasko Kohlmayer

It’s becoming clearer by the day that the vaccines, including Pfizers, are doing more harm than good. Yet, Pfizer’s CEO practically breaks his own arm patting himself and Pfizer on the back. From Vasko Kohlmayer at

Midway through his recent interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Albert Boulra, the chief executive officer of Pfizer, said the following:

“We are very proud of what we have done… There is no other company that can claim to have done so much good to humanity as we have done.”

Bourla’s statement gives us a teaching moment par excellence, since his words are indicative of the mind-boggling levels of gaslighting that have taken hold in our society.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (Image source: YouTube Grab)

Let us look at the record and see what Pfizer has really done for humanity.

If you remember, it all began with great pomp when Pfizer triumphantly announced that its vaccine was 95 percent effective (see Pfizer’s November 2020 press release here). It was so good, Bourla and co. claimed, that emergency authorization for it should be immediately granted by governments around the world. In fact, its effectiveness was such, they said, that members of the Pfizer placebo trial group were asked to take the shot, which rendered meaningful evaluation of data virtually impossible.

Never mind that the trials were short and incomplete to an unprecedented degree.  Despite this, the frightened public accepted Pfizer’s claims – which were uncritically amplified by the collaborating corporate media – at face value and a vaccine frenzy ensued. Many people were so desperate to get these allegedly “life-saving” shots that they were willing to pay bribes to jump the vaccine line.

This mad rush to get injected by so many turned out to be a windfall for Pfizer. The company sold hundreds of millions of shots and posted record profits.

Soon, however, cracks began to appear in Pfizer’s narrative. It turned out that the “protection” afforded by its vaccine was rather short-lived. Studies showed that Pfizer-induced antibodies fade quite quickly. After six months, half of  those injected have none. Unashamed and undaunted, Pfizer came out with a booster. The coerced and gaslit public lined up to receive it in surprisingly high numbers, which in turn further pushed Pfizer’s already hefty profits into the stratosphere.

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