Our “Assisted” and Geo-Fenced Future, by Eric Peters

Cars now have technology that can keep the car at or below the posted speed limit. How long before the government mandates its use? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

If you’d like a look at what’s approaching in the rearview, take a look at this article.

It urges “geofencing” and other forms of electronic throttling of vehicles – so that no matter what you drive, it always goes . . . slow. Or rather, no faster than the sign says.

Or where – and when – the government says.

Thus making what you drive irrelevant. What would be the point of owning a Porsche rather than a Prius when both go just as slow?

And that’s just the point.

People like the one who wrote this thing have been advocating such things for decades. They want homogenous – and centrally controlled – transportation.

Forget driving.

It’s never been much of a worry until recently because the technology wasn’t ready – and neither was the culture.

Most people weren’t like the person who wrote this article – which is to say, people who hate cars and want to throttle them. And the culture didn’t encourage such people. The Safety Cult was until relatively recently a kind of backwoods aberration – its appeal limited to people morbidly obsessed with risk – and allowing freedom – fulminating with anger towards other people not similarly afflicted.

We have written many posts about how hard it is to control speeding when the roads are designed so that people can drive twice as fast and the cars are designed to go four times as fast,” moans Lloyd Alter, the author of the article referenced above.

A very Soy Boy

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But Safetyism is now the national religion – and technology is ready.

To “geo-fence” freedom.

Alter is vengefully anticipatory.

“There was also a similar battle over mandatory seat belt use, where people would complain in 1985 that ‘this is not supposed to be (Soviet) Russia where the government tells you what to do and when to do it. ‘ ”

But that was 1985 – when America was not yet Soviet Russia.

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