Is Newsom Punishing Those Who Tried To Recall Him? by Kerry Jackson

The people who rise to the top of the political manure pile neither forget nor forgive, they take revenge. From Kerry Jackson at

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “when you strike at a king, you must kill him.” Gov. Gavin Newsom is no king, and last month’s recall campaign was not intended to harm him physically. But it’s foolish to believe he won’t respond as a monarch who narrowly missed losing his crown would.

The recall failure has emboldened the man. He now feels he has a greater mandate than ever before to push through his blue-state agenda. In the recall results, the governor saw a California where the opposition to progressive policies is so weak, and so utterly irrelevant to the work of the state’s ruling class, that he and the legislature can roll right over those who see politics and policy differently.

They’re a group to be punished for daring to challenge his office. A no-exceptions vaccine mandate through an executive order – in a state where COVID-19 infections and deaths have plummeted – would be the ideal way to start teaching the right-wingers who are “impacting the rest of us in a profound and devastating and deadly way” a proper lesson.

Had there been no recall election, can anyone doubt that Newsom would have reinstated the harshest, most freedom-injuring pandemic policies in the country as the Delta variant began to spread in July? Because his handling of the pandemic, and his five-star hypocrisy, stoked the recall effort, he knew he couldn’t afford to return to his lockdown roots with the election only two months away. His concern was backed up by polling, which strongly suggested at roughly the same time the Delta variant infections started to increase that he might be removed from office.

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