Some Helpful Hints About . . . Death, by Ray Jason

Dare to live. From Ray Jason at

Can we talk? Can I lay a little hard love on you? It is becoming absolutely vital for you to cast off the chains of Thanatophobia. That is the term used in psychology to describe excessive fear of death.

Ever since we humans evolved (some would argue that we “devolved”) from our mostly egalitarian Hunter/Gatherer lifestyle into Civilization, we have suffered under an endlessparade of tyrants. The main weapon that they use to enslave us is the fear of Thanatos or Death.

“Toil in my fields,” they insist, “or you will have no bread for your table.” “Send your sons to fight my wars,” they command, “or you will be over-run by barbarians.”

It took several thousand years to finally destroy the dominant paradigm under which the rulers crushed the little people. This was achieved through The Rule of Law and through the concept of Self-Government via elected leaders

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