The Jab That Cleaves, by Eric Peters

Does someone’s decision to either take or not take a Covid vaccine affect your estimation of their character and morals? Should it? From Eric Peters at

Many of us have parted ways with friends – or so we thought they were – of long-standing over the “masking” ritual that became the overt symbol of the weaponized hypochondriac last year and ongoing. Those of us who understood that it wasn’t “just a mask” but visual-physical affirmation of a lie – or a symbol of craven willingness to pretend to believe it – found it difficult to continue to pretend to be friends with people who believed it –  or submitted to it.

And expected us to play along, too.

We didn’t, many of us, because we knew that “masking” – if accepted – would lead to Jabbing. And so it has.

God-damn it.

We told you so.

The damage done to the bonds of affection and what used to be plain old goodwill and civility has been catastrophic.

It is now getting worse.

I will relate a personal story about two people known to me. I will not say who they are because that is not necessary to convey the awfulness of what the pressure to submit to the Jab has done to them. Leaving aside what the Jab itself may do to them.

It is a story many of us already know. Many more will come to know it.

Perhaps by living it.

A guy I know had a girlfriend of long-standing. He no longer has a girlfriend because she has chosen to submit to the Jab as the price of keeping her job. The guy doesn’t take issue with the woman’s right to do as she wishes with her body. He is simply unnerved by her willingness to give over her body for the sake of a paycheck. Will she also give over her children?

Pressure him, to give over his?

He won’t. How does one continue in a relationship, given that? A house half-Jabbed cannot stand.

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