The Orange Hobson’s Choice, by Eric Peters

By essentially turning over management of the government’s response to Covid to Anthony Fauci, Donald Trump horribly botched that response. The question is whether he’d do any better given a second chance in 2024. From Eric Peters at

It’s now less than three years until the next presidential (s)election. Will the president who wasn’t (s)elected last time run, again?

It appears that he will.

If he does, it will present us – those of us who do not want four more years of this year – with a Hobson’s Choice. The term refers to accepting what’s available – or nothing at all.

Possibly, something worse.

It is difficult for many of us who’ve endured the consequences of the Orange Man’s failure to stand athwart the metastatic weaponization of hypochondria – of his standing aside for the last year of his presidency, in favor of President-not-selected Fauci – to contemplate voting for the same man, again.

How can we trust him, again?

But then, what will our choice be, if that is the only man – besides the other man? Assuming the latter can be kept alive for three more years. Worse, perhaps, is the woman who will likely succeed the doddering old man, if the Adrenochrome drip fails to keep him John Gill’ing around that fake Oval Office set they sometimes transmit his mumblings from.

What then?

How about – what now? 

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One response to “The Orange Hobson’s Choice, by Eric Peters

  1. I think Trump was in over his head with Covid. He came in as an outsider and was most likely given bad advice. He had a learning curve with who he could trust. Then when Covid hit, he relied on “the experts”. Would any other president do it any differently? Unless they were a schooled virologist, I think not. Fauci is and has been a bottom feeder for a long time. His history with China is a scary read and sickens me to read. The man is mad, old and should have been gone decades ago. IMHO


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