White Knuckles Worldwide As The USSA Coyly Dangles Foreign Pork, by Becky Akers

The biggest boondoggle of the them all is the U.S. military budget. From Becky Akers at lewrockwell.com:

Every year for the last 60, the Swamp has passed a monstrous bill called the National Defense Authorization Act. That legislation has robbed Americans of billions and billions to finance the Empire’s crimes abroad. No doubt because of that gargantuan theft, the NDAA enjoys almost universal and thoroughly bipartisan support each winter when its renewal draws nigh. Nor has its enactment ever failed. Indeed, only once did its success teeter: Donald Trump ensured his title of “Most Hated President” in 2020 when he vetoed the NDAA. (Our Rulers’ massive loyalty to this honeypot ensured an easy override of that rejection.)

It gets worse. Since 2012, the NDAA has threatened American serfs not only with bankruptcy but also with kidnapping and caging for an indefinite period sans trial, even a kangaroo one. Its proponents have long soft-pedaled that menace by claiming that the provision applies only to “domestic terrorists.” Which became even more frightening under Brandon’s administration, given his relentless attempts to smear innocents as “terrorists.”

This year, the cozy little arrangement whereby the Feds, the military and the latter’s countless contractors pick our pockets clean is once again and surprisingly in danger: “…the Senate is at a standstill on the legislation. Several Republicans have delayed the process as they push for votes on their amendments to the bill, and Democratic leaders didn’t begin the floor process for the bill until this week — far later than in past years.”

But fear not, all ye who swill from the public trough: “A bipartisan [told ya!] group of senators … promised that the Senate would approve the legislation in time as it usually does.”

Or as “a frustrated Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) told reporters…,” “Don’t mess up the one thing that you can count on the Senate to do in a bipartisan [ahem!] way every year … A Senate that cannot do this hardly deserves the title.”

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