Taiwan: U.S. Deployment Area Against Mainland China Since 1945, by Werner Rugemer

Taiwan has been a U.S. satrapy for a long time. From Werner Rugemer at strategic-culture.org:

It has never been more necessary than now that the EU should finally break away from the highly dangerous policy of the “only world power”, which feels threatened and which is contrary to human rights and international law.

Under U.S. guidance, the regime of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek was installed in Taiwan beginning in 1945: He had already been supported by the USA in the 1920s, then also by Hitler’s Germany. Taiwan is being instrumentalized against the People’s Republic of China, again intensified since U.S. Presidents Obama and Trump. The current U.S. President Biden is even toying with a possible war with the help of Taiwan.

At the end of the 19th century, China was simultaneously subjugated and exploited by all colonial powers of the time — especially by Great Britain with the help of the annexed territory of Hong Kong (crown colony since 1843), but also by Russia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, and finally also by the colonial newcomers USA, Japan and Germany. In a joint war campaign, they bombed the capital Beijing, then set up embassies there and took command of the formally continuing Chinese government.

The colonial powers raided enormous wealth with their trading companies, banks, mines and corporations, crushed uprisings (most famously the “Boxer Rebellion”), destroyed the rule of law, civil society, order, government and the environment. Partial modernization and industrialization along Western lines simultaneously benefited a tiny Chinese elite. The country was plunged into deep poverty, disorganization and depression (mass sale of opium by British companies from Hong Kong). Local warlords, collaborating with the colonialists, exploited the ungovernability. Millions of people starved, vegetated, were killed for resisting and rebelling.

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