Reality is impinging upon the Democrats’ carefully constructed COVID tyranny, by Andrea Widburg

Hopes, dreams, and pixie dust generally don’t work out too well up against reality. From Andrea Widburg at

Biden ran on a promise: he was going to federalize the COVID response and end COVID in America.  He introduced vaccine mandates for federal employees and those doing business with the federal government and had OSHA do the same for every business with more than 100 employees.  Various states, cities, and businesses, especially when it came to health care, followed suit.  We were also told that if we even breathed the same air as a COVID person, we had to quarantine ourselves for ten days.  In the last two days, that promised federal response, COVID mandates, and quarantines have all fallen apart, thanks to the very contagious but seemingly relatively harmless omicron variant.

Biden made a lot of promises during the campaign, and the media graciously refused to demand details:

Those claims—that Biden would use the federal government to end the pandemic — went a long way with people weary of 2020’s madness.  On Monday, after a COVID year more deadly and dispiriting than 2020, Biden admitted that the federal government can’t fix things:

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