Twitter bans mRNA vaccine pioneer-turned-critic. His response? ‘Constant clown show’: , by Greg Piper

Robert Malone, one of the inventors of the mRNA technology, is one of the few within the medical profession to question the party line. For that, he’s been banned by Twitter, but you can catch him in an upcoming appearance on Joe Rogan. From Greg Piper at

Social media censorship ramps up against perceived threats to COVID-19 narratives. Fact-checker set up straw man to deem mask article false, author claims.

A social media purge may be accelerating against reporting and commentary perceived at odds with conventional storylines on COVID-19.

Twitter permanently suspended mRNA vaccine pioneer-turned-critic Robert Malone’s account Wednesday for “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information” about the novel coronavirus, according to a notice Malone shared with Just the News.

That was the same basis for Twitter’s 12-hour suspension of Just the News founder John Solomon’s account on Tuesday, for sharing an “unsafe” JTN report about the legal distinctions between COVID-19 vaccines. Multiple experts, however, called the article that Solomon shared accurate.

And on Monday, Facebook throttled a daily news roundup by Reason editor Robby Soave because he called a school mask study promoted by the CDC “junk science.”

“There’s no surprise left. It’s just a constant clown show,” Malone told Just the News after his ban was imposed Wednesday.

“We had anticipated being de-platformed by Twitter for a while,” he said, citing Twitter’s fact-checking agreement with the Associated Press and Reuters. He faults the latter for a “twisted” fact-check of his claim that the spike protein on mRNA vaccines is cytotoxic.

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