Joe Rogan podcast reaches millions more than cable news: report, by Madeleine Hubbard

One reason Joe Rogan is so popular is he asks questions and then let’s his guests answer without interrupting them. He listens to the answers, which generally evokes one or more intelligent follow-on questions. There are millions of Americans who have tuned out standard TV “news” fare—clowns shouting over one another. From Madeleine Hubbard at

Joe Rogan has more than three times as many people per episode as his next greatest competitor “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, according to newly released data.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” reaches a reported average of 11 million people per podcast episode.

Fox News reigns as the most-watched cable news network, taking ten of the top viewership 15 spots. The top cable news spot goes to Carlson with 3.21 million viewers on average, Adweek reported on Nielsen data Monday.

Conservative reporter Luke Rudkowski pointed out Rogan’s larger audience using 2021 Quarter 3 ratings. The most recent rating data from Adweek is slightly off from Q3, but overall remains the same.

“This is why they are afraid of Rogan,” Rudkowski tweeted with a graph comparing the most popular cable news shows.

MSNBC’s primetime viewership trails behind with an average of 1.53 million primetime viewers.

“Joe Rogan has completely disrupted the legacy media,” financial commentator Anthony Pompliano tweeted with a picture of Rudkowski’s graph. “Right now, Joe Rogan is the most dangerous man alive in the intellectual arena. In terms, that he is the most genuine pursuer of truth that has a big audience – therefore people will keep listening,” he later said on “The Best Business Show.”

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