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CNN Slammed Into A Brick Wall Named Joe Rogan And Promptly Imploded, by Quoth the Raven

One story you’ll never see in the mainstream media is on its own diminishing audience and clout and the steadily increasing audience and clout of the alternative media. From Quoth the Raven at quoththeraven.substack.com:

The network has been in disarray since it waged war on the popular podcaster. In my opinion, the hit job on Rogan’s use of ivermectin to treat his Covid diagnosis marked the last straw for CNN.

I started out 2022 by predicting that the mainstream media was in the midst of losing the fight of its life at the hands of popular podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan. I then discussed the topic and my reasoning for an hour on a podcast with independent journalist Ivory Hecker.

No media outlet has proven me right this year quite like CNN has.

Through honest and open dialogue, often in good faith and jest, Rogan has earned himself innumerably more viewers than almost all outlets in mainstream media on both sides of the aisle. He officially started putting the screws to the mainstream media, in my opinion, when he refused to settle for the “company line” on Covid, dutifully peddled by Dr. Anthony Fauci and various government regulators, and welcomed alternative points of view on treatments, lockdowns and how the world was handling the pandemic.

I wrote back in January that I thought it was the invitations Rogan extended to iconoclastic guests, like Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., that officially marked the beginning of the end the “official” Covid narratives going unquestioned. I predicted that Rogan’s willingness to have an alternative dialogue would force the mainstream media to eventually fall in line, and would throw a wet blanket over the “journalism” of parroting whatever “the science” dictated was objective truth that week.

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Joe Rogan shows us the real purpose of cancel culture, by Kit Knightly

Yet more contrived leftist outrage designed to take down someone they don’t like. This will be incident #15,676,481 of such outrage coupled with putrid hypocrisy. From Kit Knightly at off-guardian.org:

oe Rogan has just been cancelled. Again. It’s not about covid “misinformation” this time.

No, now he’s a racist.

Some enterprising young mind combed through 13 years and hundreds of episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, and cut together around twenty instances of Rogan using “the n-word”.

This video was shared by award-winning musician India Arie, and used to explain her pulling her music from Spotify’s platform in protest of Rogan’s continued presence there.

Rogan claims that these clips are all taken out of context in his recent apology video, and none were ever intended to be racist. This may well be true…we can’t check for ourselves, because Spotify removed all the episodes.

These important bits of context were, naturally, removed from the viral video. Besides, it has since been said that context doesn’t even matter.

And you know what, they’re right. The context doesn’t matter, perhaps the intention doesn’t even matter, what matters is “Why now?”

Some of these clips are over twelve years old, and yet there have never been any calls to boycott Spotify or cancel his show until just the last couple of days.

Were they not racist before? Or was everyone just OK with the racism? Could there be something else behind this?

…but why bother pausing the hate-fest to ask questions, right?

The only message that matters is – Joe Rogan is a racist now, and streaming giant Spotify have pulled over seventy episodes of his show from their platform as a result.

Of course the cyber-torches and internet-pitchforks coming for Joe Rogan is nothing new. Having preached the tenets of a healthy lifestyle, promoted alternate Covid treatments, and invited dissenting experts onto his show, Rogan has obviously been on the establishment’s hit list for a while.

This reached a peak in January when ageing rock royalty Neil Young gave Spotify an ultimatum: Remove Joe Rogan’s “misinformation”, or take my music down.

Despite adding a weasely disclaimer to the beginning of the podcast’s episodes, Spotify essentially sided with Rogan, probably because they couldn’t be seen to bow to that kind of pressure, and because they figured most people had forgotten Neil Young was still alive.

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And The Rock Cried Out, You Can’t Hide From Yourself, by Tom Luongo

It all comes down to self-respect. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

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Man Being Devoured By Hungry Sharks Tries Apologizing To Them

From The Babylon Bee:

PACIFIC—According to sources, a local man was devoured by several hungry Great White Sharks off the coast of California today after several failed attempts to calm down the murderous creatures by apologizing to them.

“Look, these creatures charging me with their blood-drenched teeth and soulless black eyes seem reasonable,” said the man. “I must’ve done something to anger them or hurt their feelings! I should just do the right thing and apologize to them.”

“Hey there Mr. Shark!” said the man to one of the creatures chewing through his left leg. “I am deeply sorry for any comments I may have made in the past that were hurtful and damaging to the shark community. This has been a time of learning and growth for me. I’m grateful for you and others like you who have called me to ‘do better.’ I am deeply sorry.”

The shark then chewed off the man’s right leg as well.

“I suppose I deserved that,” said the man. “Thank you for holding me accountable.”

Sources say the man apologized to the brainless underwater killing machines several times until they devoured the rest of him. The man is survived by his family and friends, all of whom have now disowned him.

Medics arrived on the scene to find only half of a severed arm left in the water. The severed arm has been hired by The Daily Wire.


Joe Rogan Apologizes for Being Joe Rogan, Begs Woke Forgiveness, by Sundance

Uh oh. From Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com:

This never ends well.

Joe Rogan has self-flagellated while treading water in a pool of Alinsky piranhas.

This never ends well.

Apparently, the Lightbringer for all modern Alinsky tribal followers, Barack Obama, triggered the final thumbs down and threatened the financial mechanism that supported the embattled Mr. Rogan, Spotify Inc. {LINK}

With the twitch of his pinkie ring, Teh One, the bringer of all racial and progressive enlightenment, Barack Obama, forced the ashamed and humiliated Joe Rogan to kneel before the altar of wokeism and apologize for the mortal sin of using the “N” word.

Earlier on Saturday, Mr. Rogan assessed his bank account, glanced at the tin cup and used Woke-Insta to profess his sins and beg forgiveness from the leftist tribe. {View Here}

In an effort to avoid his cancellation, Joe Rogan denounced his skin color, renounced his former shameful conduct and announced his new enlightenment.  Rogan predictably declared the oft familiar last ditch effort phrase, “this is a teachable moment.”

Quickly, Joe Rogan’s newly subscribed conservative audience was warm to appreciate his humility and offer their forgiveness.  However, that tribe is not the Spotify audience who manage the coliseum of his indentured servitude.  Despite their protestations to the contrary, the progressive and enlightened woke tribe never relent until they have achieved their goal – the removal of all Joe Rogan flesh and death by ten thousand screaming piranha bites.

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Free speech, drugs, COVID controversies: Why Joe Rogan remains the world’s most popular podcaster, by Ian Miles Cheong

Who is Joe Rogan, besides the reigning king of podcasting? From Ian Miles Cheong at rt.com:

‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast and its host are hated by many, but loved by many more – and both have grown way beyond anyone’s ability to cancel

Free speech, drugs, COVID controversies: Why Joe Rogan remains the world’s most popular podcaster

Love him or hate him, Joe Rogan is both the most popular podcaster in the world and one of the most controversial, but there’s no doubt about his influence and his millions-strong listener base, which eclipses even those of the corporate media outlets. With a small team, a couple of microphones, and a room, the 54-year-old New Jersey native has created ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ – an audio and video podcast that’s extremely listenable, regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum.

Broadcast exclusively on Spotify, it has fast become the most listened-to podcast on the platform, having been overtaken in the number-one spot only briefly and locally a few times in 2021. Its numbers far surpass those of CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, and exceed even those of primetime king Tucker Carlson.

Humble beginnings

The son of a former cop and the product of a broken home, Rogan comes from humble stock, but he’s not one to complain or even talk much about his childhood. His family moved around the country before settling near Boston, Massachusetts, where he took up mixed martial arts (MMA) as a teenager because he was “terrified of being a loser.” His enthusiasm for taekwondo blossomed into a career after he won the US Open Championship and became an instructor.

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“Thank You To The Haters”: Joe Rogan Breaks Silence On Spotify Controversy, Rejects “Disinformation” Label, by Tyler Durden

Joe Rogan had a few things to say about Joe Rogan. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Hours after Spotify said in a statement that it would modify its content policies – which Joe Rogan did not violate, the company clarified  – and adopt a “content advisory” for certain podcast episodes in an effort to placate the snowflakes, Joe Rogan finally broke his silence on the uproar over his podcast in a 10-minute video shared to Instagram.

In the video, a kind of frank confessional apparently shot by Rogan himself using his own phone, Rogan apologized to those he had unwittingly offended, before launching into a poignant, carefully crafted explanation that gently nudged and reminded objectors about why Rogan’s show is a must-listen, and a leader in the modern-day podcast gold rush.

But first, Rogan asked listeners to ignore certain “disparaging” headlines that he said misrepresent what he’s doing.

“I wanted to make this video first of all because I think there are a lot of people who have a distorted misconception about what I do maybe based on soundbites or headlines of articles that are disparaging. The podcast has been accused of spreading ‘dangerous misinformation’…specifically about two episodes, one with Dr. Peter McCollough and one with Dr. Robert Malone.”

Both doctors are highly credentialed, while also harboring views on SARS-CoV-2 and how to combat it that are “different” from the mainstream narrative.

“Both of these people are very highly credentialed very intelligent highly accomplished people and they have an opinion that’s different from the mainstream narrative. I wanted to hear what their opinion is.”

Unfortunately, there are others who are fearful of what these two doctors have to say, and believe that they are somehow personally responsible for the ongoing COVID pandemic (despite the fact that “the science” shows it’s quite obvious that there’s nothing humans can do to stop the pandemic, although they can take steps to limit fatalities).

This is the problem: since the start of the pandemic, public health authorities have seen their guidance proven wrong again and again, as comedian Adam Carolla put it: “what have you guys been right about?”

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Keep On Rockin’ In The Twilight Zone, by Good Citizen

It’s easy to be a radical when you make millions of dollars doing so. There should be no cognitive dissonance when formerly chic radicals like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell toe the government and pharma line. From Good Citizen at thegoodcitizen.substack.com:

They were never who you thought they were, or who they thought they were.

Twilight Zone S01 E05: Injecting Freedom
Premiere Date: May 21, 1959

Rod Serling
I want you to imagine a future, a not too distant future, where actors and musicians work on behalf of multi-national mega corporations who control all the governments of the world and work in tandem with unelected global technocrats. Imagine Elvis Presley telling those of his adoring fans who do not get themselves injected with an experimental toxin, for a virus that is no more deadly to them than the flu, that they are selfish killing machines putting all of mankind in danger by believing their bodies didn’t belong to these governments, corporations or the least intelligent and most neurotic of society. Imagine if you will these famous figures working on behalf of all powerful institutions to suppress freedom, bodily autonomy and civil liberties, while believing themselves to be stewards of righteousness and good will. In such a future, you will have entered the…Twilight Zone New Normal.

Vapid Mecca
There are numerous reasons Los Angeles is one of the most despicable places on earth. Trust me Good Citizens, I was born there. Even before the Soros-funded woke DA legalized violent crime to unleash a dystopian nightmare of deliberate anarcho-tyranny, or millions of homeless heroin addicts flocked there for the free needles and tiny canvas houses with gorgeous interstate freeway views; or the democrat policy reactions to a virus forced everyone toward a paradigm of herd animal behavior, child abuse and dehumanization, the city has always been a superficial and vapid national magnate for vain and narcissistic celebrity obsessed hordes to flock.

Actors and musicians. Musicians and actors. He has a script. She’s working on a project with so and so. “Have you heard of this new director blah blah blah? Well I’m doing set decoration on zir next film.” Today it’s also the mecca for the latest vapid and narcissistic craze of social media obsessed “hype houses” and “influencers”. Famous for downloading an application on their pocket computers and eagerly wasting their time making asses of themselves. It pays incredibly well to make an ass of yourself today. From Humphrey Bogart and Donna Reed to choreographing self debasing stunts to perform for the masses of low IQ automatons enamored with talentless nobodies. Welcome to the cultural New Normal.

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The Pressure Campaign on Spotify to Remove Joe Rogan Reveals the Religion of Liberals: Censorship, by Glenn Greenwald

They don’t want to debate you, they want to shut you up, preferably for good. From Glenn Greenwald at greenwald.substack.com:

All factions, at certain points, succumb to the impulse to censor. But for the Democratic Party’s liberal adherents, silencing their adversaries has become their primary project.

Joe Rogan interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Aug. 6, 2019, roughly six months before he endorsed the Vermont independent for president.

American liberals are obsessed with finding ways to silence and censor their adversaries. Every week, if not every day, they have new targets they want de-platformed, banned, silenced, and otherwise prevented from speaking or being heard (by “liberals,” I mean the term of self-description used by the dominant wing of the Democratic Party).

For years, their preferred censorship tactic was to expand and distort the concept of “hate speech” to mean “views that make us uncomfortable,” and then demand that such “hateful” views be prohibited on that basis. For that reason, it is now common to hear Democrats assert, falsely, that the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech does not protect “hate speech.” Their political culture has long inculcated them to believe that they can comfortably silence whatever views they arbitrarily place into this category without being guilty of censorship.

Constitutional illiteracy to the side, the “hate speech” framework for justifying censorship is now insufficient because liberals are eager to silence a much broader range of voices than those they can credibly accuse of being hateful. That is why the newest, and now most popular, censorship framework is to claim that their targets are guilty of spreading “misinformation” or “disinformation.” These terms, by design, have no clear or concise meaning. Like the term “terrorism,” it is their elasticity that makes them so useful.

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Old Man, Look at Your Life…., by James Howard Kunstler

A washed up rock star squares off against a man who can get 50 million people to listen to a 3-hour podcast. It’s no contest, but it highlights how so many people who considered themselves outsiders and rebels in the 1960s and 1970s are now establishment shills and whores. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

Rock’n’roller Neil Young’s conniption over having to share the Spotify platform with Joe Rogan affords a glimpse into the glutenous mire that is a mind bethinking itself “progressive” these drear days of American unraveling. For those of you not tuned in: Joe Rogan is a comedian and martial arts maven who runs the most popular podcast in the world, renowned for long-form interviews (three hours sometimes!) often with high-powered intellectuals. A month ago, he interviewed the mRNA developer Dr. Robert Malone, who has become an outspoken opponent of the Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines,” and of the US-led world pandemic policy in general under Dr. Anthony Fauci, going as far as to call for an immediate end to the world-wide vaxxing program because, Dr. Malone says, the vaxxes don’t work and they kill and disable people. Hearing that, Mr. Young called for Joe Rogan to be cancelled for spreading “misinformation.”

It’s worth paying attention to just how disordered Mr. Young’s thinking is because it summarizes everything that has gone awry on the political Left: He is wrong two ways: 1) morally, and 2) on the facts of the matter — which is as wrong as you can be. Like virtually everyone on the Democratic Party / Woke / Progressive axis, he is obviously in favor of suppressing free speech. Since when did that become okay for old hippies?

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