CDC: There is no stopping condition, by Steve Kirsch

How bad does vaccine madness have to get before it’s stopped? No answer. From Steve Kirsch at

I asked the CDC for the stopping condition for the COVID vaccines: you know, like how many kids have to die before they pull the plug, etc. Do you want to know what they said?

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Remember Jacob Clynick, the 13-year old from Minnesota who died of cardiac arrest on June 20, 2021, just 3 days after his second Pfizer shot?

Jacob Clynick

I sent an email to everyone at the CDC who was involved in the investigation of his death asking them what the stopping condition was for these vaccines. How many kids have to die? How many adults have to die? How many previously healthy Americans have to be permanently disabled?

I received no reply. They didn’t even acknowledge the email.

That’s pretty much what I expected.

If you don’t believe me, you are welcome to ask them yourself. You can find their emails here. If you do ask and get a response, please post their response in the comments.

But this tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it?

The false comparison

Some people, including many doctors, believe that as long as the death rate from the vaccine is less than the death rate from COVID that we shouldn’t stop the vaccine since it produces a net savings in lives.

This is totally false. It is not the # killed by the virus that matters. It is the estimated # of lives saved by the vaccine.

Net lives saved = (# saved by the vax) – (# killed by the vax)

Let’s look at that. The Pfizer Phase 3 trial proved they could save 1 COVID life for every 22,000 vaccinated.

So with 220M fully vaccinated, we’ll save 10,000 lives according to Pfizer’s own study. There is no better data than this. This is the gold-standard, double-blind randomized trial result. Nobody can argue with it.

But the calculation of deaths due to the vaccine is at least 150,000, and I have 13 different ways to show that.

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