New Research Shows Why the COVID19 “Vaccines” are Killing Professional Athletes, from The Blue State Conservative

Spike proteins, from either Covid or vaccines, can induce a cytokine storm that can damage the heart and endothelial cells, produce blood clots, and interfere with blood carrying oxygen to the rest of the body. From The Blue State Conservative via

The number of athletes suffering heart damage or dying after getting The Jab continues to climb. A “Pandemic” almost entirely ignored by the Legacy American media. They don’t want to slow their own rollout, but the trend has not gone unnoticed or investigated by researchers.

The research itself is relatively dry, but a physician who linked to one of my posts about German Soccer Players dropping dead has a great breakdown of the issue. It is a first look at what is probably causing athletes who have received the mRNA vaccines to suffer heart injury and death.

An athlete’s muscles need a lot of oxygen when they’re playing, and the heart has to pump more blood to meet the oxygen demand,  and it has to beat faster. The rapid heart rate also increases the heart muscles’ oxygen need, and the heart’s blood vessels have to dilate to allow more blood to flow through.

If the heart’s oxygen demand is not met, the cardiac muscles cannot pump blood to the whole body, including the brain, and the brain stops functioning, and the player collapses.

If the player does not get immediate medical attention, the heart muscle dies, and so can the player. Heart attacks result from the lack of oxygen to the heart.

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