The Real Reason All Eyes are on Ukraine, by Helen of desTroy

Pay no attention to what WHO is doing behind the curtain while the fighting rages in Ukraine. From Helen of desTroy at

Even many Americans in the reality-based community were blindsided when the much-hyped “invasion of Ukraine” actually came to pass, having assumed Putin would stop at recognizing the Donbass republics’ self-declared independence and giving NATO the poke in the eye it was clearly spoiling for. But things didn’t stop there. Apparently figuring now is as good a time as any to punish those responsible for the eight years of bloody war in the now-independent Donetsk and Lugansk states, Russia is taking the fight all the way to the “neo-Nazis and drug addicts” in Kiev, giving the boys (and girls) of NATO a little tingle as they wonder if perhaps they will actually be called upon to do something for the first time in their careers and lay down their lives for the likes of the Azov Battalion and the Blackwater scumbags who train them. (Yes, I know Ukraine is not a member of NATO and there is no Article 5 responsibility there. NATO doesn’t seem to know this, however).

Perhaps understandably, given the much-inflated variations on this drama that are playing out in the world’s media (Ukrainians are googling how to make Molotov cocktails! but wait, we thought they broadcast the ingredients on the radio! or weren’t all their university students halting their chemistry experiments to make them? maybe they taught their cats to do it!) all eyes are on Ukraine, most of us hoping this doesn’t degenerate into the World War 3 that certain excessively powerful sociopaths are clearly lusting after (you don’t hit multiple non-combatant merchant ships with missiles unless you’re trying to make a regional mess into a global one). More importantly, they aren’t lusting after it for the usual reasons (fat weapons contracts, the chance to plunder another nation’s natural resources) – at least not only for those reasons.

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