The Russian-Ukraine War/ Tactical and Strategic Summary, by M.J. Shields

The Russians don’t say much, but they’re winning. From M.J. Shields at

The Russian military’s planning staff is competent and satiric. The Russians painted all their mechanized force reconnaissance vehicles and apparatus with the letter “Z” prominently on tops and sides.

This keeps all their stuff from being mistakenly shot to hell and to pieces by marauding attack jets and helicopters. And the reference to Zelinsky that “we’re here for you buddy” is laughably ironic.

So the most important Russian element of the first phase; being the probe down both sides of the Dnieper River to Kiev, is the main event in this three-pronged, 3-ring apocalyptic show.

For securing the capital has symbolic importance in establishing a new, militarily neutral direction for Ukraine: Kiev is the capital and most populous city. **

Preceding or simultaneous to this beginning phase, Russian air assets seem to have taken out any large-formation capability of Ukrainian forces in Operation Desert Storm style. And most videos as of this time and date appear to show calm skies above Ukraine.

There is a common video now of an aircraft being struck by a missile and crashing into a building below.

So the Russians are certain to rule the sky.

That brave pilot seems to be the last of his kind. Interestingly, the Russians seem to keep their air assets in reserve whenever possible, relying on drones, Spetsnaz, and mobile radars and military satellites to keep an eye on the battlefield. And there are probably many scout/sniper teams operating as information sources, and maybe with new SVDM sniper rifles.

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