Ukraine coverage reveals West’s inherent racism, by Kit Knightly

It’s always easier to fight a war if you believe you’re a full-fledged member of the human race and the other side is not. From Kit Knightly at

e don’t talk about racism much at OffG, except in meta-analyses of its political weaponisation.

A lot of the time “racism” is used by the establishment to attack people who pose a threat to the status quo (see: Jeremy Corbyn). Other times it is used to simplify complex political matters into good guys and bad guys.

The marketplace of ideas has become saturated with contorted attempts to turn everything into a simple question of race, to the point it has almost robbed the word “racism” of any meaning at all.

It’s always been pretty clear that beneath this ersatz outrage there lurks – ironically – some of the most ignorant and most unreconstructed racism currently being manifested anywhere.

The indignation, for example, among the woke, that Tolkien’s orcs are ‘obviously’ intended to represent black people (because orcs are stupid and violent), or that this mural must show Jewish bankers (because of the “hooked Jewish noses”) – only shows that the wokest middle class whites have an image of blackness as dumbly bigoted as any white supremacist.

So, it probably shouldn’t shock you – though it will – to realize one very potent reason the war in Ukraine is particularly upsetting is because it’s happening to white people.

Don’t believe me? Then take a look. From page to screen to social media the message has been loud and clear that this war is especially bad because it’s being waged in Europe on a population with “blond hair and blue eyes”:

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